Stoking The Fires

When Christ first reached down and saved your wretched soul from the eternal fires of hell, did you not find yourself filled with fire for the things of God? Did you not find that you couldn’t talk about God enough, couldn’t read the Bible enough; that you simply could not get enough of all things related to God?

For lack of wood, a fire goes out;” (Proverbs 26:20a)

This morning as I sat in the sanctuary before our service, I opened one of the Bible apps on my phone and for no reason I could point to, I did a search on the word “content”. I was using the NASB as it is what we use at church, and my search returned several verses that in one way or another tied into my search word.

I was immediately drawn to the first clause of this verse in Proverbs, and I knew that I searched the word I did so that my app would bring me to this very verse.

God’s words expanded in my head and the questions I began this writing with blazed across my mind as I thought hard on the fact that contentment is not only something God instructs us to live in, but it is something we only ever truly find in Him.

To rewrite a more widely known axiom in Christian circles for my purposes here:

No God – No contentment

Know God – Know contentment

Whenever I have been boiling over with the Holy Spirit, I have been completely and utterly…content with my lot in life. I can easily see if I look, that my contentment is always reliant on just how focused on God I am – one follows parallel to the other.

As I meditated on how best to rekindle the flame of God that lives within me, our song service began, and it began with “Blessed Assurance” – my favorite hymn; God threw fresh wood on my fire by calling me to sing that song this morning, a song which never fails to hit home and to blur my vision with joyful tears. Funny that a fire of faith can be kindled with heartfelt teardrops.

As if that weren’t enough, the very next one was a hymn called “Let The Lower Lights Be Burning“, a song about how sailors at sea in a storm, having a lighthouse in front of them, can still crash on the rocks without the lights of the houses to outline the shoreline for them.

God had chosen to remind me that I not only need to keep my fires stoked for my own peace and contentment, but that without that fire burning bright within me, how can I hope to light the way for others who are still lost in darkness?

  • Fan the flame with Bible reading and study.
  • Fan the flame with prayers to the Father.
  • Fan the flame singing His praises.

To paraphrase Dylan Thomas:

“Be a Godly flame that rages against the dark and brings the dying to the light.”


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