Calvinism before Calvin? Yep!

For a handful of years now I keep hearing people say things about Calvinism (and at times Arminianism as well) that are just so idiotic that it makes it clear that most people out there who choose to challenge/attack these doctrinal positions publicly know nothing or almost nothing about what they are condemning – they haven’t bothered to ever truly study theology and church history enough to actually formulate an opinion or belief about the majority of it at all. And that…is pathetic and sad.

Case in point:
I have had no less than 5 people in the last two years alone who have asked me why Calvinists believe that a person can lose their salvation, and anyone who knows ANYTHING about the stances Calvinism takes knows that is patently false, that the exact opposite is true – Calvinists have always believed that once a person has been saved by God, been washed in the blood of Christ and been redeemed, nothing can ever separate them from the love and grace of God, nor rob them of their salvation. Period!

And yet, I keep being asked that question, and know of several others who have been running up against it as well. Why? Because people have no idea what they are even talking about, and at best are parroting something they heard from someone else who knows nothing about the subject, or who is so intently opposed to it that they feel no regrets over lying, deceiving, or manipulating the facts to draw others to their position(s).

SO…as a way of answering some of that nonsense, and hopefully informing the misinformed, I am intending to make a series of posts that either by scripture, or by the who/when of the quoting will open people’s eyes to the FACT that what are commonly known as the “Doctrines Of Grace” were not created by John Calvin (as so many attempt to claim), and have in fact been around since the earliest days of the church – indeed since the very writings of scripture took place.

In others words, that much of what is referred to as being Calvinism were actually around, believed, and taught, for hundreds and hundreds of years before John Calvin was even born in the year of our Lord, 1564.

I hope that you’ll not only take the time to read these posts when I make them, but will prayerfully consider them – especially the actual scripture quotes – and thereby gain a better understanding of the Doctrines of Grace, and what they do/don’t, should/shouldn’t mean to the children of God.


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