It don’t come easy…

I disagree with this.

Christian 'easy' meme

Being God (DEITY) and compressing your being down and into such an insignificant and weak little shell as a human being…isn’t easy.

Living 33-ish years bound within the frailties of a man, tied to the physical world of mankind, while retaining the knowledge of all you are, all you deserve, and of the glory of your kingdom in expanse…isn’t easy.

Walking mile after mile, town after town, to speak, to teach, to preach, to proclaim, to glorify, to offer forgiveness, to offer salvation, day after day, from morning til night, until your throat is ripped and raw…isn’t easy.

To day after day, week after week, watch as the vast majority of this sea of humanity who who strive and suffer for, ignore you, turn away from, ridicule you for your every effort on their behalf…isn’t easy.

To be bound, dragged, whipped, beaten, spat upon, cursed, tortured into a bloodied mass, and then hung up on a tree as a public display…isn’t easy.

To hang in pain, burn under the sun, hour after hour as your life is slowly wrung out of you, while crowds of people, laugh, jeer, curse, ridicule, and accuse you as you suffer and approach death for crimes that they committed…isn’t easy.

To go into the depths and wrest the keys of life from death itself and return to life again to provide the path to freedom for all of mankind…isn’t easy.

But all of this He did. For you and me.

Being a Christian, a follower of Jesus, and bearing the temporary and miniscule sufferings, pains and pangs FOR JESUS, for His name, fame, and Glory that come with that…THAT is cake!

Only our selfishness and lack of gratitude allows us to ever see it as anything else.

Jesus Himself said, “For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” (Matt 11:30)

And He has never lied.


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